FAQs from Homeowners and Businesses

Helpful Hints for Your Property, Your Town

Does the town pick up leaves?

The Town provides curbside pickup in certain zones for leaves only--no branches or other yard waste.  Composting is a good option. Leaves and garden water can e recycled at Holly Hill Recovery Center year-round.

Who is responsible for clearing sidewalks?

Individual property owners and shopkeepers must clear debris and shovel snow and ice on the sidewalk adjacent to their property.

Are street numbers required on all buildings?

Yes.  Homes and businesses must post numbers which are at least 2" in height and visible from the street.

May a contractor put a sign on my lawn?

No.  Commercial or real estate signs (excluding Open House) are prohibited in residential areas.

Where does my landscaping responsibility end?

Bushes on corners and along driveways may not block visibility for cars or pedestrians.

Who do I call when I see a dead animal on a street?

Call to report details.  The Town will take it away.

How can I adopt a traffic island?

If there is a traffic island or Town property that needs sprucing up, call Greenwich Green & Clean.  We will coordinate with the town for you.

May I place flyers on car windshields, utility poles or trees?

No.  Greenwich Green & Clean sponsored ordinances prohibiting this practice, thus reducing litter and visual pollution.

How high can a wall surrounding my home be?

Walls and fences cannot exceed 6'6" in height.

How do I donate a tree to Greenwich?

The Greenwich Tree Conservancy will be happy to help you with your gift.

What is the proper way to dispose of paint?

Latex Paint: mix with dirt or kitty litter, let dry, remove from the can.  Dried paint goes in the trash and cans go to metal recycling at Holly Hill.

Oil Base Paint: bring to Household Hazardous Waste Collection in Spring.

Who is responsible for removal of fallen trees?

The Town will always clear the roadway regardless of who owns the tree.

If a Town tree falls on private property, the Town will be responsible for removal and cleanup.

Where do I recycle electronics?

Computer equipment, TVs, cellphones and anything with a circuit board or an electric cord may be recycled as e-waste at Holly Hill. 

May I  take my own garbage to Holly Hill?

Yes.  Residents may take trash and recyclables from 7am to 3pm daily and 7am to noon Saturday.  A permit is available here.

When can leaf blowers be operated?

Leaf Blowers are permitted 8am to 6pm Monday thru Friday, 9am to 3pm on Saturday, Sunday, and holidays.  Only on e blower is permitted on properties of one-quarter acre or less.

Lawn mowers and mechanically-powered construction tools are permitted 8am to 9pm Monday thru Friday, 9am to 5pm om weekends.

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