Hanging Baskets

One of the first programs launched by the founders of Greenwich Green & Clean was the summer hanging flower baskets in central Greenwich. The Town Horticulturist, Michael Kinghorn, grew all the plants for the baskets in the greenhouses at the Montgomery Pinetum.

The baskets were the brainchild of Peter and Isabel Malkin and Larry Cooper, Superintendent of Parks & Trees/Tree Warden. All were important creative forces behind the organization.

More recently, our generous friends at Sam Bridge Nursery & Greenhouses now create the summer baskets on our behalf. GG&C funds support the necessary nightly care and watering by a local contractor.

Photo: Sally Davies

white Jeep Wrangler on land

The winter baskets, packed with greenery and holiday themed decorations, are carefully assembled by a large volunteer group of Japanese women in November.

GG&C owes a huge thanks to Sam Bridge Nurseries & Greenhouses for the use of their greenhouses, many supplies and their work every year hanging and then taking down over 100 baskets in both summer and winter. Gifts of volunteer time and talent help give the Town a charming appearance and gratification to the volunteers.

The summer and winter baskets have become an important part of our Greenwich streetscape and now extend along the Post Road and into Cos Cob. They have been emulated in many communities.

Many volunteers work for several days each holiday season preparing the baskets at Sam Bridge's greenhouse.
Photo: Leslie Yager