Traffic Islands

With over 300 traffic islands in Greenwich, it is often neighbors who volunteer to care for them.

Greenwich Green & Clean assists with these improvements. We encourage residents to get out and weed, plant, prune, and water.

Many other islands throughout town are tended by neighbors.

Traffic Island at Marks Road and Meadow Road 

GG&C helps to improve larger public spaces.

The intersection of the Post Road and I-95 Exit 5 is an example where Greenwich Green & Clean is collaborating with the neighboring shopping center owners and other stakeholders to clean and weed the area.

GG&C has contributed funds and expertise to this project.

The sign in the background reads:
Est. 1640
This Area Maintained By:

A Greenwich Green & Clean Project
Irrigation System Provided by Summer Rain

Where would you like to see improvements? Please contact us.

Regardless of the size of the project, GG&C welcomes suggestions on how and where to make Greenwich a more beautiful place to live and work.

At Byram Beach

white windmills on green grass field under white clouds and blue sky

Some examples are the volunteer-maintained islands where residents work in cooperation with The Riverside Association.

Island on Riverside Avenue at Gilliam

Traffic Island on Wesskum Wood Road