Daffodil Planting Day

Saturday, October 16th
9:30 - Noon
Binney Park Hillside Annex

Sponsored by
Friends of Binney Park  | Town of Greenwich Parks and Recreation

Please join us for Spring Beauty

Please come join us with your...
- water bottle
- shovel
- gloves
- trowel
to help us plant some 500+ daffodils bulbs!

That will add to the array of over 10,000 bulbs already in place from previous year's plantings.

We will be working up the hill in an area reached by parking on Arch Street and walking up the stone steps and following the "PLANTING" signs.

We will have a nice narcissus mix to put in as well as some other bulbs.

Looking forward to having you help!

About Hillside Annex

The Hillside Annex, a not well known couple of acres in the northern of Binney Park in Old Greenwich, is a rather steep woodland sloping down some two hundred feet to Arch Street.

It comprises less than two acres and offers dramatic view of the main sections of Binney from the hilltop and has craggy rock faces that have special eye appeal in the winter.

In recent years, volunteers recreated a loop trail with two entries which allow foot traffic up to the top of the stone facings.

Historically, in the 1930-1940 era, it was planted with woodland plants such as rhododenrons.

About ten years ago, volunteers began establishing an extensive display of daffodils. Now, in the spring, drivers can enjoy a burst of yellow and white color as they travel along Sound Beach Avenue.

Even more enjoyable is hiking up the short tral to see the various varieties of bulbs up close.